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Scendia Biologics is a comprehensive biologics company focused on providing clinicians and surgeons the highest quality regenerative and fusion technologies for their patients.  Licensed in the State of Florida and registered with the FDA, we hold safety and quality as the highest priority, partnering exclusively with long standing, industry leading providers.

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Featured Products

Scendia Biologics is continually striving to provide the most advanced and extensive technologies to meet any therapeutic need.

Multipurpose Amniotic Fluid

Amniotic fluid contains a broad spectrum of growth factors and cytokines that play important roles in wound healing, cell proliferation and migration, and tissue protection and repair.

Amniotic Tissue Matrix

Applied surgically as an anatomical barrier keeping potentially adherent surfaces apart, CYGNUS offers mechanical protection while providing a regenerative tissue matrix with specific anti-inflammatory, anti-scarring and anti-microbial properties.

Viable Cellular Allograft

Via FormM is a viable allogenic bone allograft, in full compliance with all FDA guidelines regarding human cells, tissues and cellular tissue-based products, and is intended for use in bone remodeling. Via FormM contains cellular, bone scaffold, and bone gel components.

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