Scendia Biologics is a comprehensive biologics company focused on providing clinicians and surgeons with a full line of the highest quality regenerative and orthobiologic technologies for their patients. A product offering spanning everything from amniotic and bone allograft to mineral and collagen based synthetics, efficiencies for providers is greatly increased. As a state licensed and FDA registered tissue bank, we hold safety and quality as the highest priority, partnering exclusively with long standing, industry leading providers.

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We are continually striving to provide the most advanced and extensive technologies to meet any surgical or therapeutic need.

BiFORM Bioactive

Bioactive Moldable Graft Matrix

OssiMend is composed of carbonate apatite anorganic bone mineral and Type I collagen that can be molded to fit the bone defect. It is an osteoconductive, porous implant that allows for bony ingrowth across the graft site.


Amniotic Tissue Matrix

Applied surgically as an anatomical barrier keeping potentially adherent surfaces apart, Cygnus offers mechanical protection while providing a regenerative tissue matrix with specific anti-inflammatory, anti-scarring and anti-microbial properties.

ConCelltrate 100

Inductive Bone Matrix

ConCelltrate 100 has demonstrated the presence of native bone morphogenic proteins (BMPs) which signal patient’s own Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) proliferations.  In-vitro test results demonstrated up to 40x native BMP-2 alkaline phosphate levels compared to BMP-2 control.